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The Republic of South Africa has eleven official languages and prides itself on its diversity. This website is concerned with the languages (official and non-official) spoken in South Africa. Use the hyperlinks below to get more information on specific languages or language issues.

Also visit the Linguistics Society of Southern Africa site.

Season's Greetings in all the official languages
New additions to the list of names
Inserting Tshivenda diacritic symbols into MS Word


The 11 official languages of South Africa:

IsiNdebele (Ndebele)
IsiXhosa (Xhosa)
IsiZulu (Zulu) 
Northern Sotho (Sepedi)
Sesotho (Southern Sotho)
Setswana (Tswana)
SiSwati (Swati)
Tshivenda (Venda)
Xitsonga (Tsonga)

Naming conventions:
More on the language names
IsiCamtho (Tsotsitaal)
Khoe, Nama and San
Northern Ndebele
Sign Language

Heritage languages

Extinct languages



Language data and issues
- Language statistics
- Language legislation
- Language distribution maps
- Multilingualism in South Africa
- Language & Media
- Language & Education

- Multilingual phrases
- Person names

- Place names
- Language timeline

Other information
- SA national anthem
Study languages
Spelling checks
Online dictionaries
Study Languages

Other Links
Other links

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