Limited software is available in South African languages - yet through projects such as a lot is done towards the translation of Open Source software. The idea behind this kind of software is the free distribution and of course open source (the programming is accessible by anyone) nature of the programs. This site distinguishes between SA language related software and language training software.

Language related software/Software in SA languages

Bukantswe - Free downloadable electronic Sesotho dictionary.

Various - a lot of open source software in South African languages.
African voices - multimedia CDs in Zulu and Xhosa as well as audio CDs in Sesotho and Tswana

Language training software

Instap Afrikaans! - Afrikaans CD Rom

African voices - "Speak Xhosa with us" multimedia CD

African voices - "Speak Zulu with us" multimedia CD
IMSI Easy language 61 - Multimedia CD that includes Zulu amongst a lot of other languages

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