Also known as
Lovedu, Khelobedu, Khelovedu or Selobedu

This language variety is associated with Northern Sotho (Sepedi) as it is regarded as a dialect of Northern Sotho. It exists only in an unwritten form and the standard Northern Sotho language and orthography is usually used for teaching and  writing by this language community. The monarch associated with this language community is Queen Modjadji (also known as the Rain Queen).

Lobedu is mainly spoken in the area of Duiwelskloof in the Limpopo Province (former Northern Province).

Family: Bantu (or rather Ntu) Language Family
Group: South Eastern Bantu (or rather Ntu)
Subgroup: Sotho

No current numbers exist but the speakers were estimated at more than 50 000 in 1936.


J. Olivier (2009)