Academic Research

This is a list of some of the research that is available online:

Farida Cassimjee, Charles W. Kisseberth
Optimal Domains Theory and Bantu tonology: a case study from Isixhosa and Shingazidja

Vivian A. De Klerk 2005
Procedural meanings of "well" in a corpus of Xhosa English.

Laura J. Downing, 2003
Stress, tone and focus in Chichewa and Xhosa

Peter Ladefoged
Vowels and consonants: Xhosa (clicks). Sound files hosted at the UCLA Phonetics Lab.

Lewis, Philip
The acquisition of clicks by non-mother-tongue speakers (PDF).

Georg McCall Theal, 1886
Xhosa folk-lore.
Originally published by Swan Sonnenschein in London.

Anneleen van der Veken, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, 2003
Les langues africaines sur la Toile: étude des cas haoussa, somali, lingala, et isixhosa

Sabine Zerbian, 2004
Phonological phrases in Xhosa : Xhosa

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