Pronunciation Guide

a - as a in far
b - voiced bilabial implosive
bh - as p + b in upbraid
c - click consonant (dental + velar)
ch - aspirated c click
d - as t + d in out-dated
dl - breathy-voiced lateral fricative
dv - as d + brief v (used only before o, u and w)
dz - as d + brief z (used only before a, e and i)
e - as e in bed. 
f - as f in far.
g - post-breathy voiced velar plosive, as k + g in back-gate
gc - breathy-voiced click
h - as h in hat
hh - breathy-voiced glottal fricative
hl - voiceless lateral fricative (as Welsh ll in Llanelly)
i - as ee in see
j - as j in jam; but breathy-voiced
k - velar ejective, as g in ago
kh - aspirated velar plosive, as c in cap.
kl - ejective velar affricative with lateral or central release
l - as l in lid
m - as m in mat, sometimes breathy-voiced
(mb) - m + implosive b (occurs only when m is syllabic and b is stem-initial)
mb - m + a fully breathy-voiced bh
mf, mp, mph, mv - these combinations occur
n - as n in not
nc - nasal c click
nc - prenasalised c click
nc - breathy-voiced nasal c click
nch - prenasalised ch click 
ng - breathy-voiced velar nasal sonorant, as ng in singer
ng - pre-nasalized g, as ng in finger
ngc - pre-nasalized gc
o - as o in for
p - voiceless bilabial ejective
ph - aspirated voiceless bilabial plosive,as p in pay
(r) - found in loan words from English and other languages
s - as s in say
sh - as sh in show
t - voiceless alveolar ejective
tf - somewhat like the t + f in tit for tat.
th - aspirated voiceless alveolar plosive as t in toe
tj - voiceless palato-alveolar ejective affricate, almost like ch in church
ts - aspirated voiceless alveolar affricate
ts - ejective voiceless alveolar affricate
u - as oo in too
v - as v in view, but breathy-voiced
w - as w in we
y - as y in you
z - as z in zoo
zh - as s in measure : siSwati

J. Olivier (2009)