Academic Research

This is a list of some of the research that is available online:

Andy M. Chebanne, 1992
The Setswana i(n) verbal prefix (ERIC# ED368205)

Andy M. Chebanne, 1993
The imbrication of suffixes in Setswana (ERIC# ED368204)

Andy M. Chebanne, 1996
Intersuffixing in Setswana: the case of the perfective -ile, the applicative -ela, and the causative -isa

Denis Creissels, 2001
Auxiliarisation et expression de significations aspecto-temporelles en tswana

Denis Creissels, 2004
Non-canonical applicatives and focalization in Tswana

Denis Creissels, 2004
La nature hybride de l'infinitif tswana

Denis Creissels, 2005
Les prépositions simples du tswana

Denis Creissels, 2005
Tswana verb morphology and the Lexical Integrity Principle

Denis Creissels, Danièle Godard, 2005
The Tswana infinitive as a mixed category

Katherine Demuth, Mark Johnson, 1989
Interactions between discourse functions and agreement in Setawana

Katherine Demuth, Sheila Mmusi, 1997
Presentational focus and thematic structure in comparative Bantu

Anna McCormack, 2006
A further look at conjunctive and disjunctive forms in Setswana

Part Themba Mgadla, 1997
Missionary wives, women and education: the development of literacy among the Batswana 1840-1937

Bontsi Tjanana Molalapata, 2005
The treatment of kinship terminology in Sotho dictionaries, with special reference to Setswana

E. S. Moloto, 1978
The qualificative in Tswana

Ronald P. Schaefer, 1980
On the motivation and structure of a strengthening process in Tswana

Dikeledi Mavis Shole, 2003
Cohesion in a Tswana narrative text

Elizabeth Zsiga, Maria Gouskova, One Tlale
On the status of voiced stops in Tswana: against *ND : Setswana

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