Academic Research

This is a list of some of the research that is available online:

Anne Cutler, Katherine Demuth, James M. McQueen, 2002
Universality versus language-specificity in listening to running speech (PDF). Psychological science, v 13, p 258-262.

Katherine Demuth, 1989
Maturation and the acquisition of Sesotho passives

Katherine Demuth, 1990
Locatives, impersonals, and expletives in Sesotho

Katherine Demuth, 1990
Subject, topic, and the Sesotho passive
Katherine Demuth, 1992
Accessing functional categories in Sesotho: interactions at the morpho-syntax interface

Katherine Demuth, 1992
Acquisition of Sesotho (PDF). From: The cross-linguistic study of language acquisition

Katherine Demuth, 1992
Acquisition of Sesotho.

Katherine Demuth, 1993
Issues in the acquisition of the Sesotho tonal system (PDF). Journal of child language, v 20, p 275-301.

Katherine Demuth, 1995
Problems in the acquisition of tonal languages

Katherine Demuth, 1998
Argument structure and the acquisition of Sesotho applicatives

Katherine Demuth, Sesotho Corpus

Katherine Demuth, Malillo Machobane, Francina Moloi, Christopher Odato, 2005
Learning animacy hierarcy effects in Sesotho double object applicatives

Language manual II - Sesotho (PDF). Peace Corps Lesotho. (ERIC# ED401739)

Yvan Rose, Katherine Demuth
Vowel epenthesis in loanword adaptation: representational and phonetic considerations

Zerbian, Sabine. 2006
High Tone Spread in the Sotho Verb.

Ntaoleng Belina Sekere, 2005
Sociolinguistic variation in spoken and written Sesotho: a case study of speech varieties in QwaQwa

Sabine Zerbian, 2006
High tone spread in the Sotho verb

Y. Ziesler, Katherine Demuth, 1995
Noun class prefixes in Sesotho child-directed speech : Sesotho

J. Olivier (2009)