Names for people in Tshivenda (Venda) with their meanings

Female names


Male names

Mashudu - Lucky
Mulalo - Peace
Nkhangweleni - Forgive Me
Thilivhali - One who does not forget
Thikhathali - One who does not worry
Tshifhiwa - Gift
Zwanga - Mine or that which belongs to me

Names for both females and males
(Shortened or informal version of names are listed in square brackets)

Aluwani – be prosperous, literally mean ‘grow up’ [Alu]
Athiambiwi – someone who should not be talked about [Thiambi]
Avhaḓali – someone(s) who cannot be not satisfied [Ḓali]
Avhapfani – They do not get along [Pfani]
Avhasei – (They are) not amused / laughing [Sei]
Avhashoni – (They) have no honour / are not ashamed [Shoni]
Avhatendi – They do not believe [Tendi]
Avhavhudzani - (They) are not in speaking terms [Vhudzi]
Azwianewi – something that cannot be told/ repeated to anyone(generally shameful or terrible)
Azwiḓali – something/someone that cannot be satisfied [Dali]
Azwihangwisi – (it is) unforgettable [Hangwi]
Azwimmbavhi – I am not bothered [Mmbavhi or Mbavhi]
Azwinaki – something that brings shame to the family [Naki]
Azwinndini – I am not bothered (Don’t care) [Nndini]
Azwinnyanḓi – , something that does not bring prospects/good fortunes to someone [Nyanḓi]
Dakalo - Happiness [Daki]
Ḓembe – Miracle
Ḓowelani – get used to it [Dowe]
Fhaṱuwani – be careful, be awake [Fhaṱu]
Fhulufhedzani – Be hopeful [Fhulu]
Fhulufhelo – Hope [Fhulu]
Fhulufhuwani – forget it!
Funanani – love one another [Funi]
Hangwani – Forget [Hangwi]
Hulisani – Respect (give to) [Huli]
Humbelani – Ask [Humbe]
Humbulani – remember [Humbu]
Khangwelo - Forgiveness [Khangwe]
Khathutshelo – Forgiveness [Khathu]
Konanani – Be good (to one another) [Kone]
Kuvhanganani – gather, come together [Kuvha]
Lindelani – Be patient, wait [Linde]
Livhuwani – Be thankful / grateful [Livhu]
Lufuno – Love
Lutendo – Faith (singular)
Luvhengo - Hatred
Maanda – Power / strength
Maḓuvha – Days
Marubini – said of a place where a family used to live before civilization. People would have moved from here and now use the area for ploughing.
Maṱoḓzi – Tears (generally brought by death in the family)
Mmbulaheni – kill me / get rid off me [Mbula]
Mpfareleli – forgive me [Pfare]
Mphedziseni – Finish (me off)/ get rid off me [Phedzi]
Mpho – gift
Muambiwa – One who is talked of (about)
Mukhethwa – the chosen one
Mutshidzi – saviour
Mutshutshudzi – one who encourages or excite bad behaviour [Mutshutshu]
Ṅaledzani – when someone refuses to take something that belongs to them back after a fight, a tease or because it is no longer in its original state. E.g. a kid playfully takes a toy from another kid and hides it. When the toy is returned, the owner of the toy refuse to take it and force the other to keep it. [Ṅale]
Ndemedzo – a burden [Ndeme]
Ndiyafhi – Where do I go
Nduvho – Praise (noun)
Nkhumbudzeni – remind me [Khumbu]
Nkhumbuleni – remember me [Khumbu]
Nndanganeni – gang up on me [Ndanga]
Nndileni – mourn me
Nnyadzeni – (be) disrespectful (towards me)
Nnyawedzeni – let me rest (generally after some suffering) [Nyawe]
Nnyaweleni - let me rest (generally after some suffering) [Nyawe]
Ntakuseni – Help me (up)
Nṱanganedzeni – Accept me [Ṱanga]
Nthuseni – Help (me)
Nṱoḓeni – Find me, look for me [Ṱoḓi]
Ntshengedzeni – Torture me [Tshenge]
Ntsieni – leave me (generally of dying one)
Nṱungufhadzeni – make me said, hurt me [Ṱungu]
Pfarelo - Forgiveness [Pfare]
Pfuluwani – Move (away)
Phaṱhutshedzo - Blessings [Phaṱhu]
Phusu –disturbance, Havoc
Rabelani – Pray (verb) [Rabe]
Rendani – give praise [Rendi]
Rofhiwa – We are blessed
Roṋewa – we are blessed (literally mean ‘we are given’)
Rotshidzwa – we’ve (are) been saved
Rudzani – said to console someone who had bad experiences, not to worry [Rudzi]
Shandukani – Change (verb) [Shandu]
Takalani – be Happy [Taki]
Tendani - Believe
Thabelo – Prayer
Thanyani – Be careful
Thendo – Faith (plural)
Thinawanga – I have nobody [Thina]
Tshanduko – Change (noun)
Tshiananeo – a tale, a story, an event (generally a bad one)
Tshidino – something that bothers someone
Tshilidzi - Grace
Tshimangadzo – Miracle, something that is amazing, a great surprise
Tshinyadzo – Disrespect [Tshinya]
Tshinyalani – (Be) damned, be damaged [Tshinya]

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