Academic Research

This is a list of some of the research that is available online:

Leston Chandler Buell, 2002
The position of arguments in Zulu: dissertation prospectus

Leston Chandler Buell, 2003
Introducing arguments above the agent: the case of Zulu locative applicatives

Leston Chandler Buell, 2004
The Zulu verb within the constraints of the LCA

Leston Chandler Buell, 2005
Issues in Zulu verbal morphosyntax

Leston Chandler Buell, 2006
The Zulu conjoint/disjoint verb alternation: focus or constituency?

Katherine Demuth, Susan Suzman, 1997
Language impairment in Zulu

Laura J. Downing, 2001
How ambiguity of analysis motivates stem tone changes in Durban Zulu

Busi Dube, 1997
Complementizer-less Comps or a morpho-phonologically underspecified C head in early Zulu L2 subordination?

Peter Ladefoged
Vowels and consonants: Zulu clicks. Sound files hosted at the UCLA Phonetics Lab.

Linkie Mohlala, 2003
The Bantu attribute noun class prefixes and their suffixal counterparts, with special reference to Zulu

DaniŽl J. Prinsloo, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, 2001
Taking dictionaries for Bantu languages into the new millennium, with special reference to Kiswahili, Sepedi and isiZulu

David K. Rycroft, 1980
Ndebele and Zulu: some phonetic and tonal comparisons

Linda van Huyssteen, 2003
A practical approach to the standardisation and elaboration of Zulu as a technical language

Jochen Zeller, 2003
Word-level and phrase-level prefixes in Zulu

Jochen Zeller, 2004
Left dislocation in Zulu

Henry Callaway, 1870
The religious system of the Amazulu. Originally published by JA Blair in Natal. : isiZulu

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